Top five quotes about Eden Hazard

Ever wondered about the Top five quotes about Eden Hazard? What are the Top five quotes about Chelsea star? What have players and managers said about Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard is one of the best players in the world. He has consistently been one of Chelsea’s best players if not the best. The Belgian star can be at times mesmerizing on the ball. So what have other people said about him? Here we take a look at the top five quotes about Belgium and Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

1.Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane- 2015

(Photo by Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images)

“After Messi and Ronaldo, Hazard is my favourite player. “I love watching him because he is a player who creates things and it is often spectacular to see him play.

‘Do I see him going to Real Madrid? Ask someone else. I love the player and that’s all.”

Zidane heaped praise on the Belgian star back in 2015 before the Frenchman took over as Real Madrid boss in 2016. The Chelsea superstar has been linked with Real Madrid ever since.

Eden You know you have done all good for yourself when your Idol praises you in front of the whole world!

2.Vincent Kompany-Manchester City captain

(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

“He can play in any top team in the world, today or tomorrow.”

Belgian teammate Vincent Kompany heaped praise on Eden Hazard over six years ago, prior to Hazard’s move to Chelsea. You knew it before the World Vincent!

3.Christophe Dugarry-Former France international

Christophe Dugarry, Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane of France 98 pose before the Friendly match between France 98 and FIFA 98 at U Arena.(Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images)

“Faster than Zidane, more technique than Thierry Henry.”

Former France international who shared the dressing room with the likes of Zidane & Henry heaped praise on Eden Hazard prior to his move to Chelsea. Saying he has better technique than France’s own heroes Zinedine Zidane Thierry Henry is quite a statement!

4.Alvaro Morata-Chelsea teammate

(Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images)

“It’s not difficult playing with this kind of player. “He’s one of the best three players in the world, and it’s easy for me to play with him.”

Chelsea teammate Alvaro Morata praised Hazard as one of the best three players in the world after joining Chelsea and sharing the field with him. Eden know how to impress!

5.Manchester City winger Leroy Sane

(Photo by John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images)

“Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Hazard are on a level no one else can currently compete with. I’m still far from being on their level. In the whole world, only a few players are.”

Manchester City and German winger heaped praise on Eden Hazard before his move to City. He said he didn’t compare to the likes of big guys yet. A great young talent rating Eden Hazard among the very best along with the likes of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar is something special.

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